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"You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination" Leviticus 18:22

An abomination is a sin so great that it has become a lifestyle or way of life, therefore asking forgiveness when you are only going to do it again. God knows you are not going to turn from your ways, so He calls it an abomination. 


There is no LGBTQ Community in Kingdom. However, there will be a Best Friends Forever (BFF) that will be mandated by courts to assure people that want to be Best Friends for Life can be just that. They may live together as roommates or share finances, healthcare, and beneficiaries, they may even adopt children. What you and your best friend do in your bedroom is completely between you and God. You will answer to him alone and not be judged by society. You should not flaunt your sin for the world to see.

You do not have to be gay to be Best Friends Forever. This is open to anyone, straight, gay, married, or single. There will no longer be homosexuals in our military. They cause too much confusion, and we all know who the author of confusion is. We will have no part of it.


Anyone that wants to transition out of this lifestyle may go through Rehab. Rehab is a program that consists of a 90-day intense fast from all sexual desires and prayer and can be conducted through any Church that has gone through the qualifications of learning how to starve the demons that possess the community.

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