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Letter to the Clergy




God did not send us a Religion to follow. He sent us a Law to Uphold. He is the Only Giver of Life, He teaches us to Love one another & to Give Cheerfully. Then He teaches us to Grow & Multiply.

Where did The Church go wrong? We went out in the World and tried to FIT IN. We saw The World making money and thought we had to compete. We turned His house into a competition, and of course the sheep went along, because they didn't know any better.

The Devil Comes to Steal, Kill, & Destroy... Playing in his world we allowed him to divide the Church into separate little parts we call denominations, and even some went further into calling themselves a different religion.

The enemy justifies us by saying it doesn't matter how we get there. So long as we know we all serving the same God. Or are we? The Pastors don't know and don't want to talk about it. The Muslims, Jews, Christians all fighting one another over this thing called Religion. That's how we got this far. Confusion set in, and we all know who the author of that is.

So to all my clergy, if you get to hell and find that ain't nobody but men, Pastors, Bishops, and Priests there, don't be alarmed because he left us in charge. We have to do better. I charge all of you, to step up to the plate and join this movement or step out our way and pray for us.

-The Proof




Letter to the Men





Soon God will be here to marry His bride. If your family does not get an invitation, you all were not invited. He says after the wedding, he will burn the place down, so if you get to hell and find no women or children there don't be alarmed, because HE LEFT YOU IN CHARGE & HAS HELD YOU ACCOUNTABLE! He could care less if you call yourself a Bumb, Father, Husband, Baby Daddy, Doctor, Lawyer, Master, Lord, Pastor, Bishop, Pimp, Priest, Pope, or The Proof.


-The Proof


Letter to the Clergy




Hello Pastor,


I’ve been traveling from church to church trying to find the pastor. God has given me a message for many of you, but I’m just going to make it plain. This is your memo. Guess what? Ya’ll are hard to find. Some of you have security and gate keepers. Reaching you is harder than reaching God. Who do you think you are???

Oh you don’t want to be bothered? Because you think you the author of them books you write.

You think it’s you that speaks those sermons every Sunday.

Do you really want to play this game with God?

Come down off your high horse and get in these streets and fish for your men. There is a reason the Doors of the Church are closed. The devils got a head start. He is all over the world winning souls while you wait for sinners to come jump in your boat? Does a dog that has gotten in trouble go looking for its owner to be punished? Get out from behind your precious pulpit and get out in these streets and FISH FOR MY MEN!!!

God is ready to come back but we are not ready. His bride is on the pole being pimped by the enemy. Stop Playing Church and GO TAKE BACK MY FISH!

You swindle His money, don’t feed the poor, and exchange your parishioners’ for sex like a deck of cards. THIS STOPS NOW!!!

You will get no further warning. You need to step down, or get laid down! This is your courtesy call. Step down, repent, and fix your first ministry which is your HOME. If you really want to shame the devil, tell your spouse what you have done. Then and only then will you have peace in your heart, and can come back into your purpose. God is looking for bold leaders that will get out in these streets and share his Gospel. The shift is happening right now.


The first shall be last, and the last shall be first. This virus that plagues the Earth is smoke and mirrors. There’s a reason why some people are immune and others get it. God is taking lives one by one. This is your rapture. History will not repeat itself. This is the final season.

This is a new day. Let’s embrace it.

No more Church as Usual.



-The Proof



Letter to America


For decades the powers that be have been planning a centralized government to govern all Nations called the New World Order. This is the premise of the G-Summits that take place with our world leaders. While their plans may be well and long thought out, God has plans of His own and still sits on the throne.

The problem with man is we filled ourselves with so much pride that we thought we could out God God, we put ourselves in different casts and classes so that we could outshine one another. I’m going to keep this as simple and plain so that even a child could understand. See we even took the classes a step further to think that the color of a man’s skin made the other man inferior to the other man whose skin was white and the other dark and black. So they enslaved these darker men as the inferior race and all over the world, a slave trade began robbing an entire continent of its people only to be spread around the world as free labor and frowned upon because although they were strong, they were not as smart as their counterparts. What they failed to realize is their God didn’t call them to be smart, He created them to be wise. There’s a big difference between the two.

What the slave owners didn’t know was that these slaves were enslaved as punishment for serving Baal and pagan Gods. Our God put them on a 400-year curse. Genesis 15:13 reads ‘Then the Lord said to him, “Know for certain that for four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own and that they will be enslaved and mistreated there.’ Also mentioned in Acts 7:6 God spoke to him in this way: 'For four hundred years your descendants will be strangers in a country not their own, and they will be enslaved and mistreated.’

In 2020 the curse was over. As the descendants, now free of slavery and having equal rights emerge, they no longer worship Baal and pagan gods, but understand that the only way to Him is through His son, Jesus Christ. As they come out of this curse, they will find themselves in the rapture as the Lord takes souls one by one, and name by name. All sugar-coated-in what we call a Pandemic. There will be death like never before as God shows man that it is He who controls our population and it is only He that gives and takes life at His Will. That is the very reason why man will never figure out how this virus is spread, or why some are immune and others a-symptomatic.

This, is your Rapture!


Letter to the World

God has pronounced that He is ready to come back, but His bride and the nations are out of order. He told me to correct them and get her done, then Christ shall return! I need your help.

This Thanksgiving there is to be a summit at The World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. Every head of each denomination is expected to arrive. 
To my Roman Catholic church, you are left with no choice. You must stop interceding through Mary. The ONLY way to the Father is through His Son. Shall you continue down this dark road you have traveled, all of you will be sent to hell.

To my Baptist, AME, COGIC, and all other denominations, you must swallow your differences so that the people will perish. You all have allowed the enemy to divide you over foolish doctrine. Man will not squander the Kingdom because he worships on Saturday as opposed to Sunday. No man shall miss out on the Kingdom because he ate shellfish or pork, These things are my wishes, but far different from my commandments which man has boldly seen fit to break and change. I said marriage was to be between one man and one woman. To change that is an abomination before Me. Surely America has become an Obama Nation because they certainly aren't listening to Ya's commands. Obama will be held responsible for this as your nation will follow him to the darkness. 

You created a Pope in my image but that man looks nothing like me, nor does he follow my instruction. These were your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE). From the Council of Nicaea until today you have dismantled my Word and weaponized it to fit your ego. Man continues to make false doctrine and man will suffer the consequences for his actions. Surely you will be punished for this.
I have sent you The Proof that I Live and that all power is still mine. Do him no harm for he is to usher me home. Take heed of his policy and know that I am working through him. He has gone through the fire and the wilderness. He has been vetted for his post. Let his family be protected as he prepares the nations for the coming of your Lord. Amen!
-The Proof


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