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In light of the recent supreme court ruling on affirmative action, we too were alarmed at the decision, however many of our forecasts in policy come from prophetic visions the leaders in our organization receive from God. One of those visions was from years ago about a mass movement in our nation involving many black collegiate athletes leaving PWI (Predominantly White Institutes) and enrolling and supporting HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges).


We now believe that this movement will stem from this ruling by the supreme court. Don’t be surprised when you see the PWI enrollment of minorities, especially people of color, decrease substantially. This we think will spark that movement of the black dominance in college athletics to migrate back to HBCUs.


We also think that this will ignite a movement of TV contracts to HBCU schools and dominate coaches to HBCUs. This movement will spark a shift in enrollment in these institutions, money and support for these institutions, and the influx of dollars into black-owned banks and dollars in the black and minority communities.

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