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Education Reform

In Kingdom, every school in the Nation will work together to improve the reading levels of our students and their CRPPI Test Scores. We will do this by forming an academic Challenge Program that includes all children with disciplinary problems & students with failing report cards without an IEP. It will be a joint effort between the students and their parents. Every public school in states that apply for the trial will be on this pilot program. If successful it will be mandated that Every School in the Nation will foster it in their schools the following year.

  • Students in the Challenge Program will be required to stay after school for extra tutoring and one on one attention with their teachers. Buses will be rerouted to pick these students up at 4:00 pm for elementary or 5:00 pm for middle and high schools.

  • Parents of students in the Challenge Program will be required to attend Teacher Conferences or schedule a time to complete it over the phone or by Zoom.

  • All parents will be required to give 4 volunteer hours per school term. Volunteer hours will also be given to encourage parent involvement.

  • The parents of the Children in the Challenge Program will be required to take a parenting course facilitated at local churches around their cities. This course will educate them on how to be good parents in today’s society. It will train them on being involved in their child’s education each day and work with the teachers to provide their children with a sound quality education. It will also teach them how to handle unruly children with behavioral issues and is very detailed and thorough in its approach to child development skills and parenting skills on a faith-based level without crossing the lines of bringing Christianity into their homes.

  • The Generations Initiative is the curriculum the Parents will be taught for their Parenting Course. It is very in-depth and thorough. It can be as long as a day or spread out through 8 weeks. The course is designed to teach parents how to work with teachers to reaffirm what’s being taught in school and to discipline their children before sending them off to school or anywhere else. This program was put together by Pastor Jasper Williams of Salem Bible Church in Atlanta, GA.

  • The program consists of an online training course to teach the facilitators how to teach the program. It also consists of a facilitator handbook to teach the class and handbooks for each participant.



If the parents of the students on probation are not compliant with their involvement and participation, the Federal Government will levy a Child Tax Discredit totaling up to $1,600, which will offset the $1,600 Child Tax Credit they would be receiving from the Federal Government. This tax will be used to pay the teachers for their extra work after school and the school buses and drivers for their extra work. This is how the program pays for itself




The first year of the program will be paid for by the Schools out of their Title 1 Fund. We will work with our pilot school districts so that they understand that the budget to pay for the extra teachers and bus drivers will come from the Title 1 funding of each of these schools for only this 1st year.




Kingdom will also lead the fight to put prayer back in our schools for this nation. While there are a few that are very happy about this separation of Church and State, there are many many more that will support our efforts.  Every child in our nation should at least know HOW to pray. We will not teach them whom to pray to. But will simply teach them how to pray. That will be our goal and what we will fight for at every level until it reaches the Supreme Court. Everyone should know how to go to God or their higher power when they need him. We should never rob our children of that. Meditation and Prayer will be taught at all grade levels. It makes no sense that we can swear on the Bible in the courthouse, and pray before every session in the statehouse and our local city hall sessions, but right down next door, under the same government, our children cannot even be taught how to pray.


Nelson Mandela said it best when he said “When Wise men are silent, the fools will multiply.” Surely, we have not become this foolish. Not here in this Nation!




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