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Gun Control

As Christians, many of us don't feel comfortable carrying or even holding a gun. We are taught to be non-violent and to keep the peace. However, that does not mean we should not defend ourselves and our family.


As Americans, we have all earned the right to bear arms. Although many people think that the second amendment was meant only for our army and police officers by our founding fathers, it is far too late to change any of those misinterpretations now. With powerful groups like the NRA, it is almost impossible to speak anything against gun ownership and it seems as if the guns are getting a bit out of control.


Because of the drastic number of school shootings, the growing number of gang violence, the growing number of police and civilian killings, and the stronghold of the NRA on Gun policy, we believe now more than ever we need unprecedented changes on our guns laws in America.


Since no real gun reform ever seems to stick and America has such an obsession with gun ownership we think the wisest thing to do is ban all metal and lethal bullets. That means we would take the drastic steps to make it illegal to sell or possess any ammunition other than rubber or bean bag bullets. The only lethal weapons allowed to be possessed in America will be within the military. 


There are 10,000,000 more guns than people in the United States. We feel that guns have gotten so out of control that this is the only way to control the violence and mass shootings in our country. The penalty for possession of a real bullet in America will carry the penalty of a year in prison per bullet found. 


We as Americans have been afforded the right to bear arms, but none of us has the right to kill another human being. If you cannot protect yourself and your family with a shotgun and beanbag bullets, then you need to take classes and learn to fight like a man.


We understand that the main objective for most gun owners is to hunt game. Well from now on if you knock an animal out with a non-lethal bullet, be prepared to really hunt and kill your game with a knife the way your ancestors did centuries ago. Perhaps a real hunt will put some real-life back in the sport of gaming.




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