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Border Control

Many of us look around America today and see people we weren't used to seeing as children. As Mexicans and South Americans flee their countries into ours many of us don't like the changes we see. So often we forget that none of us are from this land we live. We were all immigrants at some point and our ancestors either migrated here or we were brought here as slaves.


How quickly we forget that we are all of Spanish, English, Irish, German, Asian, Italian, French, Greek, or African descent. The only reason we are here was to find a better way of life and to serve a new form of Christianity. Let's not forget that most of our Mexican and South American migrants are also Christian and bring those same values with them here looking for a better way of life just like many of your ancestors did. Many of them do the jobs that most of us wouldn't dare do and most of them are proud to do it. 


When did we become so evil and vain about our country and forget why and how we got here. We forget that this land wasn't ours when we found it. Who are we to act Holier than thou. Truth be told we should not look at our Mexican neighbors as poor hostile enemies that we want to build a wall to keep out, but rather as Kingdom, we build bridges to help our compadres and welcome them to a better way of life. There are many taxes these Mexican families can help us pay and there's much to be appreciated about their work ethic and family values. Not to mention they bring many Christian values with them. 


We should work with their government to cleanse their country of the cartels that plague their people, and if any wall is built at all, it should be at their Southern border to welcome those that seek asylum and keep out the cartels that try to sneak in from Middle and South America.


We have much more to gain seeing Mexico become an American ally or State than watching their people perish. They would only help make our economy stronger and add to our defense, instead of wasting precious tax dollars detaining them and building a wall to keep them out with our hate. It's so much easier and bountiful to show compassion than to hate.

30 years from now, Caucasians will no longer be the minority here in America and around the World. The Bible says in the last days, the first shall become last, and the last shall become first. We are all witnessing God Return Order Over the World.





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