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Drug & Alcohol

Drugs in America have plagued this country forever. It's an epidemic that is only getting worse with time. The war on drugs costs our country over $51 Billion a year, and we're losing the fight. We think that drug and prison reform go hand in hand. We believe that more money should be spent on treatment in America and less on enforcement. 


Because of the increase in drug use and the costs associated with it, and the high incarceration and gang violence associated with it, we will legalize, tax, and control all drugs in America. We will open dispensaries around the country that will sell, dispense, and administer all drugs that are not prescribed by a medical doctor. We will have supervised injection sites to administer the drugs by nurses to decrease overdoses. All drugs will be tested to prevent fentanyl doses. All customers must sign a waiver. That $51 Billion a year can be used to rehabilitate our addicts that continue to kill themselves every day.


This will work in conjunction with Prison Reform, as anyone arrested for drug crimes will be released and put on parole upon completing a Wise Men Bootcamp to prepare them to be fathers and leaders in their communities.


For every drug sold, there will be a 10% tax added to fund an AA or NA program. This tax will also apply to all alcohol sales. Every liquor store, bar, supermarket, gas station, and winery will pay a 10% rehab tax that will go directly to fund sober clubhouses to sponsor AA and NA meetings in every city across the country. If you are a contributor to the problem, you will be a contributor to the solution.




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